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Pest Police Australia is dedicated to providing a full range of Weed control measures through their Pest Control Division. Pest Police Australia has Horticultural educated staff with years of experience in the turf Industry.

Pest Police Australia can offer a tailor made program to suit your every need in turf, weed and Pest Control. We can offer programs to suit for the following.

Weeds Controlled Pests Controlled Grass Weeds Identification African Black Beetle Crows Foot Grass Argentine Scarab Winter Grass [Poa Annua] Pruinose Scarab Barnyard Grass Billbug Paspalum Mole Crickets Parramatta Grass Argentine Stem Weevil Wire Grass Sod Webworm Mullumbimby Grass Armyworm Wire Grass Cutworm Nut Grass Ground Pearl Mullumbimby Couch Couchgrass Mite Summer Grass Spider Mites Funnel Ants Broadleaf Weed Identification Black Headed Cockchafer Bindii Capeweed Carrot Weed Chickweed Creeping Oxalis Cudweed Dandelion Docks Cats Ear [Flat weed] Fleabane Pennywort Plantain Lambs Tongue Thistles [various] Clovers Guilford Grass Onion Weed Ryegrass Gomphrena Weed

An important factor in the management of weeds is understanding their life cycle. A broad separation of weed life cycles can be made into two different groups, annuals and perennials.

Annual weeds complete their life cycle in one year. They rely on seed dispersal for their survival and distribution. Generally these are the easiest weeds to manage. Examples include many grasses like winter grass and summer grass as well as broadleaf weeds like Bindii.

Perennial weeds are long lived and can spread and survive by seed or vegetative dispersal. Generally these are more difficult to control and examples include both grasses like Paspalum, Couchgrass and kikuyu as well as broadleaf weeds like oxalis and plantain.

Herbicides are only one part of an integrated weed management plan. They can be an important, successful and economical weed control tool, providing it is understood how they work.

Pest Police have the qualified staff to help you with all you weed and pest management concerns.

Our products are locally backed by highly qualified staff. We can offer a selective or non selective herbicide spraying program to cater for all your needs no matter the size.

Selective Herbicides can be used in situations where the weeds and desirable plants are in close proximity to each other. These Herbicides will kill the weeds and not harm the desirable plants.

Non Selective Herbicides will kill whatever plant they contact and so should be used very carefully around desirable plants.

Pre-emergent Herbicides control the weeds before the seeds emerge from the soil. They are a very useful tool in managing both annual and perennial weeds.

Post Emergent Herbicides are applied to weeds after they emerge. Weed control is generally more rapid and the final results better when these types of herbicides are applied to younger or smaller weeds.

So let Pest Police Australia offer you the best and most cost effective way to treat all you turf pest and weed control

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