Ants Extermination Melbourne, Ants Control

There are thousands of different ant species in Australia, yet only a few are considered a pest.

The Problem

The larger meat and bull ant can leave nasty bites, particularly unpleasant for children, though stay mainly in the garden, smaller black and brown ants can be a nuisance inside the house, foraging for food and invading bathrooms and kitchens. They can also undermine pavers and the roots of plants, as well as short circuit electrical components enough to cause fires.

All ants can bite, and allergic reactions have caused deaths.

Solving The Problem

The Pest Police technician will identify the type of ant and recommend suitable ant control and treatment and warranty for all work.

  • Insecticide dust to roof void and sub floor area (if house on slab wall cavities will be dusted).
  • Internal cracks and crevices spray to wet areas (ie. Kitchen and bathrooms).
  • Internal skirting spray.
  • External spray to house walls, window frames, eave line, gardens up to 30m from house, fencing and clotheslines.